We’re determined to provide a positive social impact. We strive to be a role model and build partnerships founded on trust and mutual advantage, within the communities and organisations we operate.

We aim to be transparent, encouraging open communications and dialogue on all issues relevant to environmental policy. We operate and maintain our operations in a professional and ethical manner, with due regard to social and environmental responsibilities.

The policy below applies to all activities undertaken by BPC Interiors Ltd.

Environmental Statement

BPC Interiors are committed to prevent pollution and comply with all applicable legal and other requirements. We will strive to continually improve our environmental performance and meet the following objectives:

  • To regular monitor our environmental performance.

  • To review regularly our progress towards achieving our goals.

  • To support the Considerate Contractors scheme or equivalent initiatives.

  • To be a good neighbour and take measures to control noise pollution.

  • To minimise the use of utilities and materials.

  • To minimise the amount of waste generated by our operations and ensure that materials are reused or recycled where practicable, or disposed of in a responsible manner.

  • To work with our main contractors to encourage the design and construction of more sustainable buildings.

  • To develop selection criteria for our suppliers based on their environmental performance.

  • To minimise the emissions to air from vehicles.

  • To ensure that all employees and contractors are made aware of the environmental aspects and give training where required.

  • To maintain our environmental management system within the general principles set out in the international standard ISO 14001.

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