Making a difference at Mudchute Park and Farm

On 11th October, BPC Projects Director Tom Knight rolled up his sleeves and took part in a corporate volunteering day at Mudchute Park and Farm near Canary Wharf.

Mudchute is a community charity with a working farm, children’s nursery and a wide range of educational activities for people of all ages. Spread over 32 acres, it’s one of the largest city farms in Europe and is home to over a hundred animals, ranging from pigs, sheep and cows through to chickens, geese and even llamas.

Tom was part of a team of 25, organised by Overbury and including volunteers from a number of its contractors. The day was great fun as well as hard work. Tom says: “We completed tasks like rebuilding fences, cleaning pathways, mucking out the sheep and goats and cleaning the pens.”

Volunteers are vital for Mudchute. The farm is open every day and it’s completely free of charge. So every penny counts, as does every hour donated by volunteers.

Tom was glad to give his time as part of the team. As he aptly puts it: “A huge part of the farm is about allowing school children from the inner city to interact with animals, learn where food comes from and understand the importance of farming. It’s an amazing opportunity for many young people who otherwise would have few chances to experience rural life.”

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