Viktor Pecko at the Overbury-organised Run4YourMind! Seminar.

Oly inspires us to Run4YourMind!

On 11th May 2022, BPC Interiors Supervisor Viktor Pecko attended the Overbury-organised Run4YourMind seminar. Viktor found it inspirational and learned a great deal about the relationship between mental health and the stresses of working in the construction industry.

Run4YourMind! is the brainchild of Oly Newton, a long-term sufferer of severe OCD, anxiety and depression. He is on a mission to raise awareness, support, motivate and inspire others struggling with mental illness to discover the power of running.

Oly turned to running in 2017 and has not looked back since. “The feeling I get after a run is irreplaceable,” he says. “Yes, it doesn’t last long; but when you feel like I do, you live for the moment and for that moment everything’s OK.” By documenting his running journey, it not only helps Oly understand himself better, but also allows him to help others who may be struggling.

If you’d like to learn more about Oly’s work, check out his website at